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About the NGCB

The Natural Gas Conversion Board is a non-profit corporation formed to facilitate the orderly continuation of the triennial Natural Gas Conversion Symposium (NGCS) an international scientific meeting begun in 1987 on research pertaining to the conversion of natural gas to liquid fuels and chemicals.

The Board has two standing committees: 1) the International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB); and 2) the International Finance Committee (IFC). The ISAB is charged with assuring the technical excellence of the symposia, and the success of the NGCS Scientific Award, while the IFC is responsible for encouraging corporate support for the symposia. Both committees are involved in the selection of sites for future symposia.

The NGCB is concerned with the orderly continuation of the symposia series as an institution. The day-to-day management of each individual symposium is under the sole direction of an Organizing Committee separately formed for that purpose. In addition, a Program Committee is formed for each symposium to review, select and edit the papers and posters presented at the symposium and the manuscripts chosen for publication.

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